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Applied Assessments, Inc. has formed partnerships with other companies and individuals who provide specialized services in other aspects of human resources including:

  • Recruiting
  • Employee Opinion Surveys
  • Training & Development

Employee Surveys

Great Lakes Resources Center
Tom Finley & Mary Halloran
Great Lakes Resource Center has expertise that enables managers of organizations and work units to create and apply customized measurement tools to drive changes that result in improving the effectiveness of managers, organizational practices, teams and individuals. These measurement tools help improve your relationships and results as you deal with customers, suppliers, and employees. Get proven bottom line results! "Measure it and it will improve."

Training Design & Development

Susan Gamel Otto, LLC provides Instructor and Participant Guides (Training Modules) for organizations whose employees deliver the training.  Each training module emphasizes performance outcomes using highly interactive simulations, games, and activities.  Tell, LLC that you found them through “Applied Assessments Inc.” and receive a 5% discount on all your Training Module purchases.


Self-Study Materials

Susan Gamel Otto provides Training Kits and eWorkbooks for individual contributors.  The Training Kits consist of AudioCasts with handouts that support each lesson, a self-study schedule, qualification quiz, certificate of completion, plus material specific to each topic. The eWorkbooks contain detailed content, provocative questions, possible answers, and action plans, starting at $9.99.  


Organizational Performance Systems

New West Institute, LLC
Bruce Vincent

Organizations have to do more with less. Uncover and thaw the latent energy now frozen within existing staff releasing that energy to accelerate performance.

THE GOAL - New West Institute partners with management and staff:

  • To ignite, release and quickly focus the entire organization's human energy.
  • To expand staff's willingness and ability to improve services delivered to customers, co-workers and owners/ investors; And enable them to improve performance every day! - THE MISSION.

Once this newfound energy is Ignited, specific next step programs make sure that it accelerates. Through continual monitoring and measurement, the Energy to be fully engaged in this goal becomes self-sustaining.


HR & Organizational Development Consulting

Competitive Edge HR
Cheryl Basinger

Competitive Edge HR specializes in Ohio human resource consulting, human resource development, HR management, planning and training. Our employee training solutions include team building, leadership development and employee productivity. We also specialize in sales training and coaching and offer human resource consulting for business in Ohio and nationally.