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Utilization of interviews in personnel selection today is almost universal. The interview provides the opportunity to:

  • assess factors that can only be addressed via face-to-face interactions (i.e., oral communications)
  • fill information gaps regarding application forms and references
  • evaluate whether a "fit" exists between the individual and organization
  • gain additional information regarding the applicant's background and work experience

Designing and/or Conducting Interviews:

Applied Assessments designs and conducts selection interviews based upon job analysis results. Behavioral and/or situational interview questions are employed. Our interviews range from brief screening sessions to extensive executive interviews with detail report summaries.

Interviewer Training:

Because of the popularity of the interview as a selection tool, Applied Assessments strives to make the interview process as impactful as possible. Our training programs combine the delivery of learning principles with guided practice and feedback. Instruction and practice sessions address interview preparation, questioning strategies and the evaluation of the interview responses.



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