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Professional Pre-Employment Screen (PPS)
A Rapid and Efficient Screening Tool for the Selection of
Managerial, Professional and Supervisory Candidates


The goal of the PPS is to maximize selection validity and predict job success. Over 85 years of selection research demonstrates that the best prediction of job success is delivered by combining assessments of:

General Cognitive Ability Personal Conscientiousness


Target Competencies
Assessment Factors
Rapid and Continuous Learning
General Cognitive Ability
Problem Solving
Analytical, Numerical & Verbal Ability
Adaptation to New Experiences
Achievement Drive

Additional Subscale Dimensions:

Numerical Ability Ambition
Verbal Ability Openness to Experience
Analytical/Abstract Ability Emotional Stability


Administration Options
Report : Features:
  • Proctored paper & pencil format
  • Computer - CD Rom
  • Internet
  • Profile graphs of target competencies
  • Narrative description of results
  • Comparisons to specified norm groups
  • Quick administration (under one hour)
  • Cost effective
  • High impact data
  • Rapid delivery of results
  • Valid predictors of future job performance


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