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The Technical Assessment Batteries

The Technical Assessment Batteries objectively measure the competency levels that technical personnel must possess in order to safely and effectively perform their jobs.

A Tool for the Selection of:

Technicians Tool Repair
Electrical/Maintenance Mechanics Process Change-Over
Machine Set Up    


Reduced training time for technical associates Improved quality of technical workforce
Reduced machine down-time Reduced manpower needs


Technical Competencies
Mechanical Understanding and Troubleshooting Visual Speed & Accuracy
Tool Recognition Print Reading
Visual Inspection Spatial Assembly
Mathematical Reasoning Manual Dexterity
Measuring with a Ruler Mechanical Diagnostic Talent


  1. Applied Assessments conducts a thorough job analysis program to identify the essential abilities and aptitudes required of technical personnel. This program is vital to ensure compliance with EEOC and ADAAA legislation.
  2. Appropriate tests and minimum proficiency standards are established based on job analysis results. Tests involve paper and pencil measures and manipulative, hands-on task assignments.
  3. A spreadsheet report is generated for each applicant. Bar charts display the applicant's level of proficiency compared to the target standards and company norms.
  4. Applied Assessments provides one day turn-around of formal assessment results.


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