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Test Design & Validation

A key principle to keep in mind when introducing assessments to your selection and promotional procedures is to implement measures that have demonstrated validity for your specific application. In other words, evidence needs to be presented that the test is job-related and correlates to on-the-job performance. Test validation is the process of establishing job-relatedness of a test.

Validated assessments provide significant cost savings through:

•  Enhanced Employee Productivity

•  Improved Work Force Quality

•  Reduced Manpower Needs

•  Reduced Compensation Costs

•  Reduced Machine Down-Time

•  Reduced Training Time

Other Considerations:

In addition to formal test validation services Applied Assessments assists clients with critical features to implementing a successful assessment process. These elements include:

  • establishing cut-off scores
  • minimizing adverse impact
  • training test administrators
  • establishing re-test guidelines
  • guarding test security
  • computerizing assessment administration
  • addressing ADA disability issues


For over 30 years Applied Assessments has conducted validation studies for clients in the US and internationally. Our clients encompass small as well as large organizations in diverse industries. We partner with you to evaluate and select tests for your intended use or develop customized tests for your proprietary application. Our assessment systems conform to the professional and legal guidelines for establishing the validity of employment tests. Principles of content, construct and criterion-related validity will be employed as appropriate in supporting the job-relatedness of your selection process.