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Professional Staff Level
The Professional Assessment Series (PAS)
A Comprehensive Assessment of Skills and Abilities for Selection & Development


The Professional Assessment Series measures the capabilities, suitabilities and leadership insights critical to professional success.

A selection tool for the selection of professional positions that require high level functional expertise in areas such as:
Engineering Information Systems
Accounting & Finance Chemistry/Laboratory Analysis
Production Scheduling    

The Professional Assessment Series is the measure of choice for professional positions that require:

Job Dimensions Assessment Factors
Problem Solving General Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning
Strategic Vision Spatial Aptitude, Concept Orientation, Non-Conformity
Communications Excellence Verbal Ability, Persuasiveness, Articulate Presentation
Decisiveness/Assertiveness Addresses Conflicts, Objective, Open with Opinions, Independent
Team Orientation Leadership Consideration, Socially Confident, Cooperative
Advancement Motivation Competitive, Goal Orientation, Status Preference, Efficient, Serious vs. Carefree


The Professional Assessment Series fills the need for:
Objective selection of professional applicants Corporate succession planning
Identification of high potential associates Creation of individual development plans
A professional talent inventory    


Application of the PAS to professional selection and development produces substantial financial impact in the form of:
Improved workforce quality More impactful training & developmental initiatives
Curtailed turnover Reduced manpower needs
Enhanced productivity    


Report Design:
  • Statistical predictors of success
  • A detailed narrative of professional strengths and developmental needs
  • Direct comparisons to professional staff norms
  • Profile graphs of key professional staff factors for ready references
  • Paper & pencil format
    OR computer administration
  • Rapid response format
  • Personal feedback session


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