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The Professional Assessment Series (PAS)
A Comprehensive Assessment of Supervisory Leadership for Selection & Development


The Professional Assessment Series measures the capabilities, suitabilities and leadership insights critical to supervisory success.

The Professional Assessment Series fills the need for:
Objective Selection of Supervisory Candidates Corporate Succession Planning
Identification of High Potential Associates Creation of Individual Development Plans
A Supervisory Talent Inventory    

The Professional Assessment Series is the measure of choice for supervisory candidates that require:

Job Dimensions Assessment Factors
Problem Solving General Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning
Strategic Vision Spatial Aptitude, Concept Orientation, Non-Conformity
Communications Excellence Verbal Ability, Persuasiveness, Articulate Presentation
Decisiveness/Assertiveness Addresses Conflicts, Objective, Open with Opinions, Independent
Team Orientation Leadership Consideration, Socially Confident, Cooperative
Delegation/Structure Structure Initiative, Planning, Prioritizing, Delegates, Follow-Up Monitoring
Advancement Motivation Competitive, Goal Orientation, Status Preference, Efficient, Serious vs. Carefree


Application of the PAS to supervisory selection and development produces substantial financial impact in the form of:
Reduced recruiting fees More impactful training & developmental initiatives
Curtailed turnover Reduced manpower needs
Enhanced productivity    
Report Design:
  • Statistical predictors of success
  • A detailed narrative of supervisory strengths and developmental needs
  • Direct comparisons to supervisory norms
  • Profile graphs of key supervisory factors for ready references
  • Paper & pencil format
    OR computer administration
  • Rapid response format
  • Personal feedback session


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