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Assessment Centers

What is it?

An assessment center is a powerful combination of measurement methods designed to deliver a high fidelity assessment experience for selection and development. Due to the significant investment of time and personnel in the assessment center process, this measurement approach is most often applied to leadership selection and development.

How it Works:  

Applied Assessments incorporates varied measurement methods into its assessment centers. Some of the more popular exercises include:

  • Standardized tests (cognitive abilities and personality)
  • Structured behavioral interviews
  • In-basket exercises (to gauge priority setting and writing skills)
  • Work samples
  • Leaderless group discussions (to assess interpersonal dynamics and cooperation)

As with any selection measure, a thorough job analysis is required to ensure the relevance of the various assessment center exercises to the target position(s). Nevertheless economies of scale can be achieved through assessment center exercises designed to measure more universal leadership essentials such as decision-making, priority setting, delegation, interpersonal skills, verbal expression, writing ability, productivity and focus under time pressure, the ability to influence, flexibility and adaptability, as well as creative and original thinking.

Results and Impact:

The developmental advantages of adapting valid assessment center methods are twofold. Foremost is the rich and detailed feedback that assessment center results provide to participants. The feedback is frequently the catalyst for the formation of Individual Development Plans (IDPs) that target key leadership behaviors. Continued development is particularly critical when the assessment center is implemented to identify high potential individuals within an organization.

A second developmental payback of the assessment center flows from the training of internal assessors who administer the exercises, evaluate participant performance, and supply critical feedback. The training of assessors serves to clarify the organization's expectations for it's leaders and elevates the importance of developing subordinates as a key leadership responsibility. The nature of assessor training forms a solid foundation for leaders to extend their expertise as internal leader coaches for the continued promotion and development of leadership talent throughout the organization.

In all, assessment centers have proven to be valid selection strategies especially for situations where development is a critical extension of the assessment process.


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