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Career & Academic Planning (CAP) 

Guiding the Future:
Discovering Your Unique Path to Success

Students are bombarded with an abundance of choices as they navigate a path to life as an adult. With so many options, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by doubts and unanswered questions. Career coaching with our occupational and academic experts guides students to discover their unique path. Our approach expands the horizon for students within the world of work. Specific and individualized information about values, talents, interests and personality reduces the uncertainty and promotes well informed academic and occupational choices. We invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation to explore how our experts can guide you in discovering the path that is best for you.

Common Student Concerns

Could You Make a Better Investment in your Future if:
  • I'm unsure about my best talents and how I can put them to use in school and in a career.
  • I don't know if college is right for me. What are my other options?.
  • I'm overwhelmed with information from colleges. What kind of college experience is best for me?
  • I'm worried about what college major is right for me.
  • I don't want to waste time and money by making a poor choice about further education.
  • I feel uninformed about what occupations are a good fit for my values, talents, interests and personality.
  • My potential seems limited by a narrow view of occupations that might be available to me.
  • I lack work experience so I'm unsure about my next steps.
  • I'm afraid to enroll in additional education because academics have always been challenging for me.
  • I fumbled my first attempt at college and want to avoid making the same mistake again.
  • your best talents were identified and put to use in school and on the job?
  • you had guidance to assist in determining the educational direction and career opportunities that were best for you?
  • you knew which college majors best fit your skills, interests and personality?
  • you could narrow down and pinpoint occupations and careers that were well aligned with your talents and personal preferences?
  • you expanded your knowledge of jobs/careers and their future demand?
  • you broadened your career options/choices even if academics are a challenge for you?
  • you avoided wasting time and money on educational programs that were a poor fit for you?


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