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Leadership Coaching
What is it?
The coaching process is a mechanism for individualized development of leaders and high potential individuals. Our coaching strategies develop talents not adequately addressed by traditional training initiatives, especially skills that
target behavioral change
impact the management of relationships
influence the impressions and perceptions created by a leader

How it Works:
The coaching sessions are designed to foster personal growth in the areas deeded most important to the individual leader. It is a cooperative process whereby the coach creates an atmosphere conducive to self-discovery and a safe environment to attempt new behaviors and discuss nagging problems and challenges. The coach offers support and encouragement, but also provides challenges to the leader to stretch beyond familiar comfort zones. This method does not force development, but rather creates the conditions whereby positive advances are made to achieve challenging, yet attainable goals. The greatest success is often achieved when the behavioral goal capitalizes on advancing an existing strength while removing barriers that in the past may have interfered with optimal performance.

is often the first step. These "ah ha" experiences typically follow feedback from assessments that may include objective skill appraisals, suitability inventories, 360° perception surveys, and experience/accomplishment records.

Coaching engagements typically span a six-month period, with hour long sessions every other week. Options to extend the engagement can be considered in order to extend work toward additional goals. The goals of the coaching process typically take the form of an individual development plan that more often than not is shared by the participant with his/her supervisor. The development plans include measurable targets to record progress toward goal attainment.

Although a licensed psychologist provides the coaching, it must be emphasized that coaching is NOT clinical therapy. Rather, the objective is to address behavioral challenges that impact leadership and organizational effectiveness.

Results and Impact:
Coaching customizes development to the specific needs of individual leaders that drives commitment and buy-in for end results
Coaching creates a climate for development that promotes the emergence of new behaviors without the stigma of "being fixed"
Coaching enhances the application of new skills and behaviors within the immediate work environment without depending on classroom learning to transfer back to the job
Individual development plans include specific goals that drive accountability for results
Coaching can become an integral part of succession planning and encourages the development of high potential individuals from within, thereby minimizing the risks associated with reaching outside the organization to fill senior management positions
The climate of development can minimize turnover among high talent individuals while also serving to attract future talent from outside the company




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