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History & Background of
Applied Assessments, Inc.

Applied Assessments, Inc. began as an extension of the industrial psychology practice of George M. Hill, a licensed industrial psychologist in the state of Ohio. Mr. Hill initiated his practice in 1953 and his success prompted the formation of Career Guidance, Inc. in 1977. The company has since changed its name to Applied Assessments, Inc. Mr. Hill served as Owner and Executive Chairman of the company through October 1992. At that time ownership of Applied Assessments, Inc. was transferred to Daniel H. Averbeck, Ph.D. Prior to his ownership position, Dr. Averbeck held positions of Staff Psychologist and Director of Applied Assessments spanning a period of over eight years.

Applied Assessments, Inc. maintains a staff of professionals with specializations and advanced degrees in industrial/organizational psychology. The company assists large and small businesses in human resources development. Applied Assessments' professionals base their work on the principles of industrial/organizational psychology. We are behavioral scientists specializing in human behavior in the workplace. In other words, we apply psychology to business and industry.