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Job Descriptions

Applied Assessments assists its clients in preparing job descriptions that accurately reflect the nature of the work being performed. Job descriptions include:

  • A narrative summary of the general responsibilities of the position
  • Specific duties performed
  • Descriptions of the essential job functions, including evidence of the importance of those functions to the job
  • A narrative summary of the climate in which the job is performed
  • Job standards and performance expectations for each of the major duties and essential functions
  • Education and experience qualifications
  • Knowledge and experience requirements that are consistent with essential job functions and job standards
  • Essential knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics


Job Analysis: The Foundation for Building Job Descriptions

There is no substitute for quality job information obtained through a formal job analysis. Casual assumptions or generic overviews about the demands of a job make it difficult to differentiate between essential and non-essential job functions, and ultimately undermine decisions about what constitutes a reasonable accommodation for disabled employees and applicants. Given the expanded scope of the ADAAA, thorough job analysis methods that include input from incumbents and other job experts in worker oriented job analysis procedures, are especially appropriate in that emphasis is placed on work behaviors rather than on detailed task lists.

Applied Assessments has completed over 200 unique job analyses for positions across a wide range of industries. Our experience covers positions from entry level manufacturing jobs through senior executive officers. We are happy to assist you and your organization in preparing accurate job descriptions in meeting the demands of the more rigorous ADAAA.



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