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Work Simulation Exercises

Screening Tools for the Selection of Entry-Level Production Employees

Work Simulation Exercises objectively measure the basic competency levels that employees must possess in order to safely and effectively perform their job.

Fork Lift/Vehicle Operation Visual Acuity, Depth Perception/Peripheral Vision
Assembly Operations/Material Handling Eye/Hand Coordination
Warehouse Activities Strength of Grip, Back and/or Arms
Inspection Operations/Parts Sorting Visual Acuity
Machine Operations Lifting/Carrying/Gripping
Improved Product Quality Improved Safety & Accident Records
Reduced Work-Related Injuries Enhanced Effectiveness of Total Quality Training


  1. Applied Assessments conducts a thorough job analysis program to ensure compliance with EEOC and ADAAA legislation.
  2. Based upon job analysis results, appropriate tests are chosen which may include hands-on measures of visual acuity, physical strength, manual dexterity and applied spatial aptitude.
  3. Test administrators are trained and certified by Applied Assessments.
  4. Formal validation documentation is delivered to verify the job-relatedness of entry-level measures for your jobs.

Studies show that:        
Proven Results!
Tested employees had three times fewer accidents than those not tested.
Accident costs were almost two times higher for untested employees.
Cost savings across three production facilities topped $750,000 over an 18-month period.


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