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360-Degree Feedback
Successful leadership depends in part upon the ability to effectively manage working relationships. 360 ° survey instruments provide perceptual feedback to leaders from the perspective of subordinates, peers, superiors and customers. Data generated by these groups can then be compared to the leader's self-appraisal to identify core strengths, potential blind spots, as well as developmental challenges. Derailment factors that demand immediate attention are also identified. Instruments such as Benchmarks, developed by the Center of Creative Leadership, provide a vehicle for this hard-hitting perceptual feedback that is integrated into the individual leader's development plan.

Survey distributed via email and the internet to as many as twelve individuals who regularly interact with leaders. These individuals include superiors, peers, direct reports and possibly customers

Leader completes a self survey.

Completion of the survey requires 30 40 minutes and must be completed and processed before leadership feedback occurs.

Results and Impact:
Survey feedback requires a three-hour meeting with an Applied Assessments representative and the participant. Leaders gain an understanding of how they are perceived by others. Discussion revolves around:

Recognition of strengths that contribute to leadership success

Identification of potential derailment factors to career progression

Analysis of potential blind spots where objective/normative data are misaligned with the perception of others

Individual development planning which includes strategies for perception management where appropriate


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