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Assessment Feedback

Applied Assessments offers opportunities for personalized feedback of assessment results.* The assessment feedback serves as the foundation for the creation of individual development plans (IDP), leadership skills enhancement and management coaching. For over thirty years Applied Assessments has conducted thousands of feedback sessions.

Feedback is conducted by an industrial/organizational psychologist in one-on-one sessions. Participants are provided with a thorough explanation of all dimensions addressed in the assessment process. Individual strengths as well as developmental opportunities are identified. A template is provided to chart potential development initiatives that include specific improvement goals and timetables for completion. Developmental plans are customized to the needs of each participant and may include outside leadership experiences, stretch assignments, specific training programs, finding a mentor and coaching.

Benefits of Assessment Feedback:

  • Supports employees with objective feedback to guide their creation of individual development plans
  • Advances the development of future leadership talent by identifying individual strengths and opportunities for growth

Other Considerations:

  • Career development is best embraced when assessment results are delivered through one-on-one feedback sessions with an objective assessment professional who is an expert in the proper interpretation of the data.
  • Assessment results provide one source of information to be integrated with job performance data and personal aspirations in the creation of an IDP. The feedback provider serves as a coach to the leader in crafting a high impact, yet attainable development plan.
  • Assessment feedback is most comprehensive when the information incorporates:
    • an honest self-appraisal of strengths and development needs
    • objective, normative data (compared to a target population) from assessment results
    • perceptual feedback from peers, superiors and subordinates about the impression a leader makes on others
  • Assessment feedback is an integral part of corporate succession planning and ongoing leadership development.


* IMPORTANT NOTE: When an organization authorizes and funds an assessment, assessment results become the property of that organization. Therefore, permission from the sponsoring organization must be granted before personalized assessment feedback can be provided.



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